Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer


Are you curious what it would be like to live with a law enforcement officer? Are you a law enforcement supporter who struggles daily with the consistent inconsistencies of living with a law enforcement officer (LEO)? If you are a LEO supporter, you may face hurdles and challenges on a daily basis, trying to understand and live with the complexity of the dangerous, yet rewarding profession your LEO has chosen as a career.  In Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer, author Sherry Engler reveals the unusual, quirky behaviors a LEO may display. In a humorous, lighthearted manner, she shares insights into living within a law enforcement family and suggests helpful hints for living harmoniously with one.

Sample from Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer

Click, click, click. It’s 3:00 a.m. You hear a continuous click, click, click.  You sleepily drag your body out of bed to see what all the clicking is about. There he stands in the living room, your LEO (law enforcement officer), in his underwear holding his duty weapon in his shooting stance, targeting his Glock , “dry firing” his gun over and over. Why? He has gun qualifications later in the day.  This is normal, isn’t it?

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Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer


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