Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who?

What is this funny little creature, Daisy Doo? Who is she?  Follow her journey as she wiggles through her world trying to figure out the answers in this delightful book written and illustrated by Sherry E Engler.  Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who?  is perfect for a child preschool age learning to read, incorporating rhyming words in a fascinating tale of adventure as Daisy Doo tries to discover her identity with a comical flare.  Colorful illustrations depict the difference between Daisy Doo and others, such as Leroy Lee, the ant. Eventually, Daisy Doo comes to the conclusion, she is a NEW NEW. What? Who?

Please enjoy this fascinating tale Sherry Engler shares with us in her preschool age appropriate book, Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who?.  This is a wonderful book to share with young children and delight in their laughter.

Personalized copy, signed by Sherry E Engler of Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? Price listed includes tax, shipping and handling.


Paperback Book

Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who?


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